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My Stories & Poems

On this page you will be able to read a selection of my stories. These will all be under 1,000 words and can easily be read during a coffee break.

I hope you enjoy reading these short tales as much as I enjoyed writing them.

POEM – “Porthallow Pensive”

Occasionally, I am inspired to write a poem. This one came to me at Porthallow Cove in Cornwall when I was sitting and listening to the waves on the rocks, while a gentle breeze wafted around me.

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This short piece earned me a runner-up place in a Writer’s Forum Flash Fiction competition.

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The story title was inspired by my sister, Sally Lee, who wrote an amazing story as a child, which my family recorded with a soundtrack. We found it difficult to get past certain elements, such as a horse called Meanus, without collapsing into giggles.

It is based on a true childhood story – my parents had gone out on the night of the Guildford bombings and Sally and I were being babysat by our Nan. Luckily, Mum and Dad didn’t get into Guildford as planned, but I do remember being old enough to be worried.

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