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Latest Snippets

June 2018

In this issue (#200) of Writers’ Forum one of my 500-word flash fiction pieces was published as a competition runner-up. The Editor’s Comments included the following, “Events are set to carry on after the end; a good technique to make a short story feel more substantial.”

5th August 2018

When TJ’s son and grandkids were visiting last week we went through my old school reports for a laugh. When I found this extract from my last year at primary school (year 6 in today’s parlance) I was so happy to find proof that my teachers always thought my imagination for creative writing was “up there”.

Writers Bureau 30th Anniversary Anthology

I am so pleased to say that I appear in the above anthology with my short story entitled The Redemption Bell.

The anthology is available on Amazon or through Smashwords. It is called Life’s Rich Tapestry and comprises a selection of 15 stories and poems.