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About Me

I always dreamed of being a writer.

Reading and writing are my two favourite pastimes and what follows is a short autobiography of my writing life.

I was an obsessive reader as a child, so much so that my mum had to make me go and play outside. Sometimes that involved doing handstands, skipping or playing two balls, but a lot of the time, my friends, my sister and I ‘play-acted’. One of our favourites was taken from the TV series, ‘Lost in Space’, where each of us would adopt one of the characters and create dramas. Creativity was a large part of my childhood.

My stories at school tended to be slightly off-piste, with an odd twist. I remember writing one where the heroine was taken down into the depths of the earth and put into a test-tube where she was then turned into a devil. My teacher was shocked, but impressed. I wish I still had a copy.

My teachers all said I should write for a living and I left school to do a year at college concentrating on shorthand, typing and English A level, so I could become a newspaper reporter. However, life got in the way, and I ended up as a secretary in London.

I did work in publishing for a few years during the early 1980s – one job was as Editorial Assistant for two weekly medical newspapers in Guildford and the other was as Editorial Assistant/Picture Researcher and then Production Assistant for an educational publishing company in London.

Again, life got in the way, and I have spent the last 23 years working for a company in the construction industry dealing with supply chain and sustainability. I am also the unofficial proofreader for the company and write procedures for a number of disciplines. One of my enjoyments is compiling, editing and publishing the company’s internal newsletter.

I have never stopped writing fiction for pleasure, and four years ago, I was talking to one of my friends and said, “I have this novel bouncing around in my head and it won’t go away.” Her response was to get on and write it then.

The following year we both joined a newly created writing group in Worcester, the Hive Creative Writers Group, and the path was set.
I have submitted a few short stories to women’s magazines that haven’t been accepted (I don’t like the word ‘rejected’), but I have had a small success when I was runner-up in a flash fiction competition run by Writers’ Forum magazine.

In fact, when I first looked at the list I thought that one of the runner-ups had used the same title as mine.  Then I noticed my name next to the title – I don’t think I have ever been so excited.

My novel is still a work in progress and I have ideas for two more to make a series.

Since joining my writing group, I have successfully undertaken a proofreading and copy editing course with the Writers’ Bureau and instigated a group anthology (still in early stages) where I will act as editor in its compilation.

My dream is coming true!